Where I'm at, Profile pic, and NATA

2014-04-29 22:33:16 by KameStudios

​First off thank you to all that loved my animation for pico day and that gave me such kind and supportive words! (Found here:http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/638221) Thank you to Tom and the rest of the NewGrounds crew you guys rock! Now to all of my new fans thanks for the hearts! if you don't know who I am well thats ok! to those who need to know of my new updates I usually update my twitter or facebook more often then none so go check those out if you ever need to know whats up. Secondly I've changed my profile pic so if I look unfamilair thats why. To those who are asking when another animation is coming out I will be participating in the NATA competition starting in a few days! I look forward to participating in it aswell as bringing some awesome content to you guys! 


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2014-05-07 04:16:04

Did you do NATA last year? Also, congrats on the Pico Day animation, came out looking like a timeless classic!

KameStudios responds:

Thank you! :) I did participate in NATA last year but did not make it through even the open round if you look at my other animation I have, that is the one I submitted. The reasons I didn't make it to the next round is because of a corrupted file ruining my animation (was only able to salvage parts of it) and it was only my first year of animating so my story and animation was a bit flat in general. I feel much more confident in my ability this year though!