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New Animation Series: For Your Convenience!

2015-09-07 17:03:35 by KameStudios




I’d like to officially announce my animation series! I hope you will all love it very much! I’ve been prepping it for a while over half a year. I’d like you all to come familiar with the name, welcome to: For Your Convenience!

Well your probably wondering what the heck FYC! is right? Hoho Well let me explain!

Q1: What is For Your Convenience!?

A1: Simple FYC is a: Drama, Slice of life, Comedy.

Q2: What’s For Your Convenience! about?

A2: In the quiet mountain sides lays a small town with all the time in the world and nothing to do. Within the town is a 24 hour convenience store where a young 20 year old Colton Baired works. One day when his boss goes missing he is bestowed the job of running the night time shift as the new manager. Luckily interesting workers were hired beforehand as the new night time stockers. Along with the crazy locals shopping at odd hours and his already ridiculous coworkers, Colton will be thrusted into the most spontaneous situations. With these unique individuals Colton will have brand new adventures and experience who he is and what he wants to be in this new slice of life series!

Q3: Ah sounds like an interesting story! Any idea when it might come out?

A3: No idea! Heh! But in all seriousness there is still a lot of prep work to still do on the series like: find voice actors/actresses, characters designs, background concepts, script writing and revisions and a bunch of other malarky to be had! When all my wires are untangled I will certainly be sharing dates on releases.

Q4: Eh sounds like you don’t have much figure out then huh?

A4: Not quite actually, to be honest its a big project for one person to handle! But I will say this I do have it all planned out. Most things are just in draft phases right now. All my character designs if not most are done. Story/script for the first episode is all finalized, and a lot of backgrounds are in production as we speak! So I would say I have a pretty good grip on it so far!

Q5: Great! Where can I find out more about this series and get updates?!

A5: You can follow me here on newgrounds or any of my other social media links like: TwitterDeviantart, or Tumblr

I’d like to thank you for reading through my announcement on coming into the community of animation series! I look forward to bringing compelling stories to your life! Much to be grateful for! You all have a wonderful day and I will see you on the flipside with more FYC news real soon!


  • The Patriots Son 1 Year Anniversary!

First off I would like to all wish a happy 1 year anniversary of my comic The Patriots Son! I can’t thank all of you for the wonderful support and love you have all shown me on this amazing endeavor of my story! This last year of making this comic has left me with so much to appreciate, and so much to look forward to! I have met so many wonderful people that have said they loved the comic and that it has inspired them to push towards their own goals. To me that means more than anything in the world. To be able to place such passion and emotions into peoples hearts will always be my goal. I know I will continue to produce this comic until the very end. Thank you all so much for putting such faith and zeal into my heart, I am forever grateful to all of you wonderful people! Heres to another year of The Patriots Son!

To put more icing on the cake I have also made a 1 year anniversary poster for you download and enjoyment! 

Link to poster


  • Chapter 8 Release


As mentioned in the title A new chapter has been released for viewing! I spent a good amount of time working on this one, and the plot is finally taking form with more gritty details to Aziel’s past and where he is going, and what he has done to try find the Garden Of Eden! So go check it out here!


  • Update Post!

As for the rest of this post I will be bringing you up to date on the rest of my life and the various projects and changes that will be taking place come September. As for everything else that is happening I have compiled into a neat little list if you are interested.

1) My new animated series!

I will be making a separate update post in September for my new animated series For You Convenience! I am very excited to get back into the animation crowd again. I have had a ton of inspiration from the past year, and I have been prepping this series for almost half a year’s time. I can’t wait to get working on it full time and I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do!

2) The Patriots Son Upload Format

As I have stated previously in a older update post, The Patriots Son’s upload format will change come September. instead of 11 pages coming out every month. A page or two will come out once or twice a week. I think this will be a much happier format for everyone in the long run. Mainly because people will get to see more Patriots Son every week and I can dedicated more quality to each page. Not to mention color is returning to the series because of the format change! Overall I’ve been thinking quite sometime on how to make everything comfortable for my viewers and this is the best solution for both you guys and I. I hope everyone will take well to the new change and if you don’t I’m sorry to hear that and I’d love to hear suggestions on a solution! 


Thank you. I can’t emphasize how much it means to me how many people appreciate my art and stories enough to respond with such support. As long my sights are set on my dream I will never stop doing art. That is my guarantee to everyone.


Update of Future Projects

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Chapter 7: The White Terror

2015-07-21 17:40:08 by KameStudios

Chapter 7 of The Patriots Son is out now! 






Chapter 6 is out!

2015-06-25 23:11:08 by KameStudios

Go read over at tapastic! 



So I said today that I would be making an update post on The Patriots Son Chapter 6, which should have came out today knowing by my normal upload frequency on the series. But the problem is that the production for this next chapter is a large one. Like on a grand scale to the normal amount of pages. 28 full pages in total, thats the most I’ve ever done for a chapter over this previous year. Theres a good reasons for the length of time in this one chapter, a lot happens. Action, exposition, past questions being answered; the whole nine yards. So I do ask for your patience as I try to make this next chapter a big wallop in the series! Thats all I can ask from you guys! Hopefully and most definitely it will be finished by next month! Thank you for your continue support on the series, and my work! :)









The Legend of Korra fighting study. (THIS WAS NOT TRACED. FULL FRAME BY FRAME REMAKE)

This was an interesting one. I decided to really sit down and look at some interesting shots from The Legend of Korra, I learned a lot about the camera and how they control their frames in fighting sequences. So heres what I learned.

1) The camera works on 1’s while the actual characters are played on 2’s (Figured out that one by my buddy Parimak explaining it)

2) They don’t necessarily have a preset frame rate for their smears. By that I mean they sometimes put their smears on 1s, 2s, and sometimes even 3s. Which is actually pretty fascinating, but because the camera is always running on 1s; it really masks the appearance of motion when their is none at all for at least a few frames

3) When they cut to the next scene they hold the action of the character for at least 4-5 frames. I’m guessing why they do this is to let the eye catch up and absorb information of the new scene before continuing the straightforward action.


Overall a very humbling experience in the ways of animation, If I was to ever teach a class on animation. Homework would have to do with this kinda practice. Sitting down and meticulously study each frame and try to recreate it. For one it expands a lot of knowledge in motion and just anatomy in general. If any of you are interested in animation I entice you to try this practice out, you will improve way faster.




The Patriots Son Theme Song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/605369


This is a song I commission from my good buddy Parimak! I asked him to really go all out and through his patience and consideration listening to every change I threw at him he really gave me an amazing song! I couldn't be more happy with it! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did! Look forward to a patriots son animation in the near future!

Go follow Parimak!: http://parimak.newgrounds.com/

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The Gif in chapter 3 in detail. heres the black and white shots I made for chapter in the flashback, Tapastic only allows 2 MB per image so I had to murder the quality and speed rate to fit it in the comic. Didint feel like I was doing it justice so heres them in High Resolution!

HighRes Look: http://kamestudios.deviantart.com/art/Chapter-3-Gif-Set-Detail-509779494

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